COVID-19 Drives search for IT expenditure savings.

28th May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic currently gripping globe has lead to an economic global turn down and few businesses have managed to avoid the impact of the virus.

The latest government figures released on the 21st May show that 60% of businesses have had turnover negatively effected by the pandemic and that 70% of businesses polled across all industries are either reducing working hours, or making short term lay offs to cope with the reduction in turnover. Many employers are looking at other areas where routine spending can be reduced including their expenditure on IT infrastructure and services.

Linden Solutions experience in managing IT infrastructure and expenditure along with our extensive partner network place us in an ideal position to assist with businesses struggling by uncontrollable IT expenditure. By cataloguing current expense and ensuring solutions are ‘right sized’ to your business needs we’re able to identify areas of excess expenditures and advice on actions to reduce expenditure, and even negotiate directly with your suppliers on your behalf, to implement the identified changes.

A third of businesses have taken advantage of the Governments Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme with over 28% of workers on furlough at the time of the survey. As a Microsoft Online Services reseller we can also manage your Microsoft 365 products and services to ensure that you are not overpaying for licences that are not in use while staff are furloughed or temporary off work, this alone can lead to significant savings.

Many businesses are currently looking for savings to try and avoid making workers redundant and face off reducing revenue in the short and medium term. We have already saved one client over £1,000 in IT expenditure by ensuring their current services are in line with the reduced requirements at this time, why not contact us today for a free discussion about your IT expenditure and potential savings to be made.